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You Came to The Right Audition.  Now Scroll Down For Instructions on how to submit your credentials, get the Sides for FORBIDDEN feature and Character Breakdowns!

FORBIDDEN Feature Film 

            This is a Chicagoland Talent Search.  

We are Currently Seeking male and Female Actors. 

Please read before submitting your credentials.   

Read the character breakdowns, then read the sides

from FORBIDDEN Screenplay. Please get very familiar with the sides. On Camera (don't forget to push the record button :0) Please slate your first & last name, The movie you are auditioning for (FORBIDDEN) and the role you are auditioning for At the end of your Audition, Please Say "Thank You, Claude Reid, For The Audition" upload  your video to youtube, and Facebook. email the producer/director your photo, bio resume and link to your audition.  If the producer/director feel that he can use you for a part in the film he will schedule an interview.